Straightening Up Our 2002

First, the car is hooked to the bench at the pinch welds on the rocker panels.
Tom measures the height of the nose relative to the bench.
The car is then pulled back into shape using these giant robot arms—cool!

Before our car gets its finishing bodywork and final coats of paint, the guys at The Body Werks are double-checking its straightness using a frame machine. The machine holds the car perfectly still and creates a reference point to measure lengths, distances and widths of certain areas.

Our car was found to be slightly ‘off’ in the nose area—the left side was 7mm lower than the right, and this discrepancy was in the sheet metal—not the frame rail. Tom Prescott used the CarBench hydraulic arms to pull the car back into alignment. Now the final sheet metal fitting should go well.

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Datsun310Guy PowerDork
7/23/11 9:13 a.m.

I am excited. Put me at the top of the list when you are ready to sell. I was an idiot to pass on that 240Z.

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