Surgery Starts

With our car on jack stands, we can really dig in.
The 13x8 Rota RBs look like they'll require some fender clearancing--hence our 2002 Turbo-style flares.
The front fenders have a rough cut for clearance. You can see the black marker line and the mounting holes for the flares.
We stripped the interior as we hunted for more rust to eradicate.
Now we're working on removing the entire nose section, as it will be replaced with the correct earlier version.

Our 2002 recently made its public debuts at the Rolex 24 last weekend and our Cars and Coffee meet this weekend. Now it was time to put the car up on jackstands and really start preparing it for rust repair.

We stripped the interior first, getting it down to nearly bare metal so we could check for any additional rust in the floors.

Then we moved to the fender flares. We temporarily attached them, checked the fit of the Rota 13x8 wheels, and did a rough cut on the front fenders to gain clearance for our anticipated monstrous wheel-and-tire package. Once the fenders were cut, we unbolted them from the unibody and began taking the entire front nose section off the car.

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Datsun310Guy PowerDork
2/27/11 7:42 a.m.

does that little guy have a welder in his hand?

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