What’s Up, Hot Stuff?

Our BMW has hot looks, but we don't want it to have a hot engine, too.
We took an infrared thermometer and found wild temperature variations in the radiator.
With the hot Florida summer approaching, we'll be either changing or flushing that radiator very soon.

We’ve now amassed 900 miles on our newly restored 2002 and are still running into a warm running condition. We thought we narrowed down the culprit to either a bad thermostat or a plugged up radiator. We confirmed that it was a plugged radiator by using an infrared thermometer to scan the surface of the radiator itself: The temperature varied from 120 degrees all the way to 220 depending on which vane we focused on. We’re not quite sure why, but it would appear that our radiator is plugged up. We’ll have to either flush or replace it.

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