Wrapping up our 2002tii

Our 2002 is looking just about done.
A new radiator from Ireland Engineering solved our overheating issue.
Rear springs are an easy swap with the shock disconnected.
The Konis are a Mustang fitment that adapts easily to the back of the BMW.
It's quite a bit lower in the tail end, but it handles great.

At some point in the process of restoring a car, we’ve got to say, “Okay, that’s done,” and move on to just driving and enjoying a car. We think we’re at that point with our 2002tii.

We installed a new aluminum radiator from Ireland Engineering, which completely solved our overheating issue. It’s running so cool now that we’re thinking about reinstalling a warmer thermostat. We’ll probably keep it as-is to give the car some extra cooling reserve on track.

We also installed stiffer rear springs and a pair of Koni double-adjustable shock absorbers to match those on the front. They’re a Mustang fitment that is easily adapted to the rear position on the 2002. Oddly enough, despite their race valving, they’re no less comfortable than the Bilsteins we had on there. The rear springs are from Ireland Engineering, although we also have a trick set of stiffer springs from Ground Control that we’ll experiment with at the track.

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