Alfa Hits the Dyno at The Mitty

Our dyno chart

We threw our Alfa on the mobile dyno at the Classic Motorsports Mitty. The Wild Horses Racing dyno is a portable dynojet that Jim Pantas from NASA SouthEast brought to our event.

The dyno run was pretty straightforward, although we were seeing some pretty serious ignition cut-out at 5000 rpm. At that RPM, we were seeing 89 horsepower. A light bulb went off in our head shortly after the test, we had set the rev limiter on our PerTronix ignition at 5000 rpm because we are still breaking in the engine and we didn’t want to forget that fact. Well, we forgot our reminder. How’s that for funny?

We’ll be working with the jetting on the Webers and testing other tweaks shortly on our local dyno.

We’ll also be posting a video of the dyno run so you can hear the car spin the rollers.

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