Cover That Cell

A series of Z-shaped pieces of metal were bent in a sheet metal brake. These were then attached to the floor of the trunk.
A piece of cardboard was cut out and used as a template for how we wanted to cut the top cover.
The top cover was then attached to the side panels.
Wrinkle-finishing the cam cover.

This weekend, we fabricated a 20-gauge steel cover for the ATL fuel cell. We used a total of two 24x36-in. sheets of steel and used a sheet metal brake to form the sides. The cover was then mocked up in cardboard and cut out using a pair of air-powered snippers.

We also decided to take off the camshaft cover and make it spiffy-looking. We used a wrinkled black paint from Dupli-Color to give it an updated look. We used a hairdryer to force-cure the paint, which makes the wrinkling more uniform.

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