Going for the Gold (Cup, That Is)

Our Alfa on the dyno.
TWM air horns.
The dragging brake is fixed. Now we need to clean up this mess.

Our preparations for the Gold Cup continue! The ignition sensor for the dyno wasn’t functioning properly, but we did get a chance to track the air/fuel curves. The car appears to be running very rich. The ratio starts out at about 10.5:1 and rises slowly to 12.3:1 by redline. That’s a little odd, considering our main jets in the 40DCOE32 Webers are 130F9200.

We also bolted on a set of TWM air horns, but again, since the numbers weren’t flowing out of the dyno, we’ll have to get back to you on the improvements here.

We fixed a dragging right front caliper with a pair of rebuilt calipers from International Auto Parts. Problem solved!

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