Work Begins on the Alfa GTV

The first of our additions from the parts car, the passenger side vent window.
The rear bumper from the parts car was given a good scrubbing with Lime Away to remove rust stains and then it was polished. We also polished up and installed the rear side markers.

Our next order of business will be to install the front and rear glass.

We actually started some work on the Alfa Romeo itself. We installed the passenger side vent window, which we grabbed from the parts car as well as the driver’s side door glass.

Our next order of business will be to install the front and rear glass. Since the car has already been painted and the areas that need to be repaired aren’t any where near the windows, we want to get the glass installed as that’s the safest place for it. However, since the headliner on our Alfa goes in before the glass seals, we’ll need to install a new one first. These range in price from $105 to $159, depending on the source. We also need to source new front and rear window seals. Those are about $90 a piece.

We cleaned and polished the rear bumper and installed it with new 10x150mm bolts. The original bolts were too rusted, so a new pair were used to bolt the bumper to the body. We made sure to scrub the rubber blocks that serve as bumper mounts, as well as the backside of the bumper and guards before everything was assembled. The ends of the bumper were attached to the body of the car using a small stainless panhead screw and a rubber washer.

Tomorrow we are heading back to DeLand to pick some more parts off the hulk. We’re bringing an angle grinder to cut through the bolts holding the front bumper on, as well as drill out the security bolt that’s holding the ignition switch in. We’re also going to grab the passenger door glass as ours is pitted from the original body shop doing some grinding near it. Now that we know how it goes in, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

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