Submitted by David S. Wallens on Jan. 31, 2008

Found a MG in Snellville, GA

Found a MG in Snellville, GA

Rob Kassow sent in some pics of his barn find 1970 MGB. He writes:

Well, this isn’t exactly a dusty ‘62 Ferrari GTO or a Daytona Coupe in the back of a barn…it is, though, a totally original 1970 MGB with 26,900 miles on the clock in the back of a garage in Snellville, Georgia. The owner changed the oil and parked the car in the back of his basement in the early 90’s. When the news got out about the nature of the car I’d just purchased, I received a half dozen calls from guys wanting to see the car and take notes on everything from the engine bay to the hood bows…

I bought the car from the original owner who purchased it in Alabama in 1970. He always had a company car so this was his occasional Sunday driver which he always kept garaged. And, because he was an automotive lubricant rep for Union 76/ Phillips, he kept records of every bit of maintenance.

What is truly amazing about the vehicle is the condition of the rubber parts. Because the car was only subjected to the sun when it was being driven, every piece of rubber is still soft and pliable. The Michelin ZX’s look new and I asked when he’d installed them to which he answered “around 20,000 miles”. I looked in the maintenance records and that was 6,923 miles ago…in 1976! The car is truly a 1970 time capsule.

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