Started on Feb. 11 by beckleyvision

1997 Dodge Viper GTS

Low mileage ‘97 Red Viper GTS is fun to drive! Its V-10 engine was rated at 450hp@5200 rpm/490ft-lb torque. All had 6-speed manuals but the forums mention that a very few owners have converted theirs to automatics. Curb weight is 3383lbs. It holds 19.0 gallons of premium fuel. The GTS is a Coupe with a rear glass that lifts to reveal 20.0 cubic feet of luggage space.

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Dec. 1, 2019, 7:48 p.m.

I always thought the GTS body was superior to the rag-top, and added a touch of safety as well! You have one beautiful ride sir/ma’am! I’d be interested in what type of automatic transmission they used, or considered for a Viper?

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