Started on Oct. 14 by MichaelYount

1982 Volvo "282"-6.2L


2nd owner 242 - restomod - LS3 power; T5z tranny; Ford 8.8” rear; Truetrac posi - 3.55; Kaplhenke/Koni/Eibach suspension; 2990 lbs.

Latest updates
Nov. 10
New Tires/re-paint wheels

Time for new tires — while they’re dismounted — repainting my wheels. Happy with what …

Oct. 30
2018 Euro Fest

Drove the car from Charlotte to Greenville for the show Oct. 20, ‘18. My best …

Oct. 09
New Windshield

Finally replaced my 36 year old pitted windshield. Like successful cataract surgery. Used a universal …

June 24
Fuel Mileage - part deux

6/23/18 — Nothing interesting in the way of shows/cruise-ins this morning…so I left the house …

Oct. 28
Let's try again

Euro Auto Festival 2017, #2

Oct. 28
Euro Auto Festival 2017

Picture of the Volvo and my good friend’s Citroen SM down at the Euro Auto …

July 30
Fuel Mileage

Gorgeous morning here in Charlotte, low humidity, low 60’s. So early this morning I took …

July 30
Top 5!

March 30
Street Muscle Coverate

Feb. 12
Brake lights

OOPS - here’s the pic

Feb. 12
Updated brake lights

The car used to have just one brake light per side — the lower/outside panel …

Feb. 12
New tag

Out cruising in our unseasonably warm winter —- and the sun hit the back of …

Sept. 06
She's alive!

Finished up under-hood install (much interior/wiring clean up to do) and she fired right up …

Aug. 11
We NEED stinkin' badges!

I like what I did here.

Aug. 08
Finally In!!!

6.2L finally in with painted engine compartment — now down to lots of plumbing/wiring connections…..

July 26
Getting Closer

Everything mocked up - engine back out to paint the bay!

March 04
Getting Closer....

Mounts fabbed…beginning to work accessories, etc…

Jan. 11
First LS test fit

Was able to drop in for first test fit all by myself —- a good …

Dec. 15
New Engine Arrived

Well, Santa came a few days early this year…..

Sept. 29
elS3 update

Old motor on the stand - being parted out.

Sept. 28
Lsthree sWap

On the stand…..being parted out.

Sept. 28
LS3 Swap

Well - the 5.0L that’s resided here for 19 years escaped it’s bonds today.

Sept. 27
LS3 swap continued

Getting closer…..

Sept. 05
HVAC & Engine Swap

Beginning the process of removing the crappy Volvo air conditioning with an aftermarket HVAC unit …

May 23
Couple more pics - new splitter

A couple more pics….

May 22
Revised Splitter

Finished - smaller splitter without struts, new paint job for dam and bumper.

May 20
Altering Splitter

After living with it for a few years, decided to alter the splitter. Making it …

Jan. 24
Trunk Lighting

….another pic….

Jan. 24
Hood/Trunk Lighting

Volvo saw fit to include small mercury-switched lights for hood and trunk. When switched on, …

July 03
Cars&Coffee Coverage

Looks like we got some coverage at Cars&Coffee Edit - looks like the link to …

April 16
Where's The Fun?

Rumor has it the car is in the WTF? section of the June issue of …

March 28
Underhood Update

A few cosmetic updates under the hood….

Oct. 20
Euro Auto Festival

At the BMW plant in Greer, SC - every year the 3rd week in Oct. …

Oct. 07
Fuel lines 2

-6AN aluminum return line

Oct. 07
Fuel lines 1

-6AN aluminum supply line

Oct. 07
Fuel System

With new pump I modded the tank fitting to accept -6AN fittings.

Oct. 07
New Fuel System

Removed in-tank pre-pump and inline Bosch044 (factory system). Replaced with Deatschwerks 300 in-tank pump.

Oct. 07
New Daily Driver

Decided life was short and my daily driver should be even more fun to drive …

Aug. 30
Muffler finished

Love it! Much quieter than before, no rattles/noises, lots more unrestricted flow potential than the …

Aug. 27
Almost there....

System welded up, hangers welded on - installation was uneventful. Tacked in my tips - …

Aug. 23
Muffler final position

Got the hangers figured out — they bolt into existing threaded holes in the frame …

Aug. 19
Muffler Mock Up

Should look something like this…

Aug. 18
Getting close...

Muffler welded up - not perfect, but it seals. And with a tiny bit of …

Aug. 16

….ready to weld! Lots of hammer, test fit, hammer, test fit on the 14 ga. …

Aug. 11
Muffler sheet metal templates

Made of heavy paper - use these to cut 14ga sheet metal to seal up …

Aug. 09
More muffler

Will look like this from the backside…

Aug. 09
New Muffler

Trying to create a decent flowing transverse muffler, dual ins/outs with an OEM level of …

April 19
Camber Plate


April 19
Suspension finale....

brace back from powder coater’s….

April 06
Suspension Complete

Koni Sports, Eibach 275/200 front/rear, Kaplhenke strut bar/camber plates/roll center correctors and adjustable spring perches. …

March 24
rear susp update done

Koni sports and Eibach 11” x 5” OD x 200 lb/in done. Rear sway removed …

March 14
Suspension Update II

…adjustable perches, camber plates, roll center/bump steer correctors and super-duper tower brace coming soon!

March 14
Suspension Update!

IPD sport springs and Bilsteins going away; Eibach’s, Koni Sports…..

Sept. 06
Almost done - brakes2

On the ground…

Sept. 06
Almost done - brakes1

Another view….

Sept. 06
Almost done - brakes

Went together beautifully; plumbing/bleeding uneventful. Test drive in the morning!

Aug. 31
More adapter

Better shot…..

Aug. 31
Caliper Adapter

Progress on the brake upgrade….more to follow soon!

July 23
Wilwood Caliper Adapter

Got the adapter mocked up in wood; and have a CAD design —

May 19
New Wheels/Tires!

Went from 16x7 Miglias w/245/45/16 to 17x8 Voxx w/235/45/17 Conti Extreme Contact DW’s

Jan. 25
New tail lights

Upgrade to later model 6 panel tails…

Jan. 16
Brake Upgrade

Well - a year and half later….finally got things mocked up. Went to a Volvo …

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