Started on May 22 by UKAuto

1994 TVR Griffith 500HC

One of the last TVRs officially brought in to North America, and one of only 7 LHD Griffiths imported from new. I believe this was the penultimate TVR imported to Canada, and one of only two 500 models. The other five cars were 4.3 litre, with one very interesting (and lovely) black 4.3 with the 500 body, and air conditioning. I have seen the total production run of Griffiths quoted at different numbers in the 2,000 + range, most likely a little over 2300. Of the more than ten year production run I understand only 85 of the cars are LHD. The 500 HC is quoted as having 340HP in a 1048 Kg car, thus travelling from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds, and topping out at 168 MPH. I suspect these are some pretty optimistic numbers, but it certainly is quick.

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