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6pak72's Garage

Aug 17, 2021
1991 Mazda Miata NA

OK, so I’m jumping the gun. The Miata will become a classic. When we really want to get stupid, my wife and I take this one out. Built to ITC-spec: 1.6 engine, 1.8 fuel rail, 750cc injectors, intake, header/flowthrough, Ohlins …

Aug 17, 2021
1979 Triumph TR7

Just beginning the restoration of this one. Slightly overpaid for it on ebay, and either the seller never looked at the floor pans, or he has a lack of integrity… Needs floor pans, complete dash console, could use an interior …

Aug 17, 2021
1972 Triumph TR6

Carefully rebuilt “driver” on basically the Group 44 chassis build. Complete interior and gauges, etc. 2.5-6 overbored to 3.0L, 10.8:1, 300-degree cam, Carillo rods, twin 175’s, race-worthy chassis and dynamics, many parts from Dick Good. 154WHP on dyno, runs 1:26 …

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