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Tom1200's Garage

Dec 02, 2014
1978 Honda MT125R II 125cc GP bike.

1978 Honda MT125R II, XR500 brake caliper, custom reinforced frame, ports cleaned up. Went 130.68 MPH down the mile long back straight at Riverside. Sold long ago but would love to have again. The picture is the entrance to turn …

Dec 02, 2014
2011 Other Beta 520RS

2011 Beta 520RS, suspension set up for my 140lb frame but otherwise stock. Italian work of art, that I take out and trow down rocky hills..sadly.

Dec 02, 2014
1976 Yamaha Yamaha YZ125C

Vintage motocross bike, bone stock

Dec 02, 2014
1986 Vintage Race Cars Novakar Formula 500

Novakar Formula 500 (chassis number 3) AMW engine, 85HP 750lbs with driver. 0-60 times 3.0 seconds and 130mph top speed.

Dec 02, 2014
1972 Datsun 1200

SCCA GTL & C-sedan Vintage race car. A15 engine w/Keihin Flat slide Carbs, H190 LSD, 280ZX coil over struts, Nissan motorsports suspension. 1680lb. 100 RWHP.

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