996 articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

996 articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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A low-mileage Porsche 996 Carrera with recent IMS Bearing service | Car Catcher

This low-milage 911 has only had one owner since new: a member of the PCA for 47 years.

Well-maintained Porsche 996 Turbo | Car Catcher

The switch to water-cooled engines may have been considered sacrilege for some, but at least it ensured we got really quick Porsches like this Turbo model.

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Buyer's Guides: 2001-'05 Porsche 911 Turbo Buyer's Guide | Depreciation Station

If ever there were a sensible supercar, the 996 911 Turbo just might be it.

Buyer's Guides: Porsche 996 GT3: One of the last analog supercars. | Buyers Guide

Why should you buy a GT3? t’s rare, it’s fast and it has strong ties to the brand’s motorsports program–plus the styling keeps it on the D.L.

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Yet Another What Car Thread (Track Edition)!
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