M1 articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

M1 articles, project cars, conversations, and more

M1 articles

Features: The BMW M1 proves that M Is for motorsport

BMW’s Famed M Division Came Out of the Gate With the Radical M1

Buyer's Guides: Your next classic car should probably be a Bimmer, but which one?

Want a usable classic that’s well supported? You just need to look for these three letters: BMW.

Features: Welcome to Fritz Wagner’s stockpile, where BMW M1 Procar parts await their next assignment

What does BMW M1 Procar heaven look like? A lot like Fritz Wagner's extraordinary stockpile of parts.

Features: Celebrating 50 years of BMW Motorsport with the M1 Procar, the short-lived spec racer

The dream of sending the M1 into Group 4 and 5 didn’t quite materialize, so BMW went in a different direction with a spec series: M1 Procar.

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