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Columns: How to help a friend restart a stalled project

What do you do when a friend has a stalled project? Instead of poking fun, how about actually helping them?

Columns: How a bad or missing title can derail that project

Sure, you can get a title for a car that has a bad or missing title, but it’s never easy.

Restoration & Renovation: 23 easy ways to improve your classic car

Here are 23 things you can do to improve your classic car.

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Using context clues to recreate our Elva's original oil cooler setup

When inspecting the frame of our 1962 Elva Mk VI, we found the remains of what looked like an oil cooler mount. Old photos further confirmed that one was …

Installing our Sprite’s throttle pedal

Every car needs a throttle pedal, and the Sprite’s is pretty conventional: A metal rod attaches at one end to a to a throttle pedal hinged at the floor. And …

Performing an autopsy on our Corvette's blown engine

Few things can ruin a track day more than the sound of a horrendous thump, followed by the sickening “clackclackclackclackclack” of iron hitting aluminum. And then lots of smoke and lots …

Can our BMW 435i run with the GR Corolla or Civic Type R?

One of our hopes for our BMW 435i project is not just to build a fun, track-capable car, but to build a car that can actually compete in …

Can we get faster laps in our Mk7 GTI by upgrading the intercooler?

Sure, our Mk7 GTI is both fast and consistent, but only for a handful of laps before the engine heat soaks and lap times get slower.

The solution? …

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