Restoration articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Restoration articles, project cars, conversations, and more

Restoration articles

Shop Work: How to upgrade a classic car to a modern alternator

We show you how to convert your classic car's dated electrical system to a modern alternator.

Restoration & Renovation: 12 tips for better project car management

Restoring a car is more than just the grunt work. You need to have a game plan, too.

Shop Work: DIY convertible top repair

How to repair a tear in a convertible top at home.

Restoration & Renovation: 23 easy ways to improve your classic car

Here are 23 things you can do to improve your classic car.

Restoration & Renovation: The Restoration Game: When to Say When

It's a fine line between going too far or not doing enough.

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Restoration project car updates

Restoration tip: Make sure the trim fits before you paint

The metal work for our Bugeye Sprite was nearly finished, but before Javier at Jeff’s Restorations went any further, we made sure things properly fit.

Restoration Forum Topics

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