Superformance articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Superformance articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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A Slab Side Superformance Cobra Replica | Car Catcher

Since real Cobras are hard to come by, why not go with a faithful replica like this Superformance MKII?

Car Catcher: A British Racing Green Slab Side Cobra Replica

A Slab Side Cobra replica from Superformance.

Get the Shelby 289 Cobra experience for less: Superformance MKII Slab Side | Car Catcher

Get an authentic Cobra experience without the authentic price tag with this Superformance MKII Slab Side.

Superformance Slab Side Cobra | Car Catcher

Although this Sueprformance MKII looks like an early "Slab Side" Cobra, it actually features modern amenities like a fully independent suspension.

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Features: How to Go Back in Time With Continuation Cars

More than half a century after Carroll Shelby unleashed two of his most storied creations on the driving public, you can buy a new/old Shelby GT350 as well as a small-block-Ford-powered Cobra.

Features: Superformance GT40: Continuing a Legacy

How you can have your own recreation of the car that beat Ferrari at Le Mans.

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2001 SUPERFORMANCE S1 - Lotus 7 FOR SALE - 250 Original Miles
Shelby Cobra questions
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