Vintage Race Car articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Vintage Race Car articles, project cars, conversations, and more

Vintage Race Car articles

Features: What it's like to drive an authentic BMW 3.0 CSL

The BMW 3.0 CSL was an enduro goliath in the '70s, but how did fare when we drove it?

Buyer's Guides: What you need to know before buying a classic car with period racing history

Vintage race cars: another way to combine classic cars with classic memories.

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Vintage Race Car project car updates

Installing modern, lightweight master cylinders for brake and clutch | Project vintage race Mustang

More under-hood work: We needed to install master cylinders for the brakes and clutch plus a brake light switch.

What about the stock brake master cylinder? Our car originally …

Where do you find a modern, lightweight starter for a one-of-30 sports racer? | Project Elva sports racer

We wanted a high-torque, lightweight starter for our Elva sports racer. This car is one of 30 made and is powered by a nearly as rare Coventry Climax …

Preparing the shifter, shift boot and shift knob | Project vintage race Mustang

Cobra Automotive recommended that we go with the Roltek shifter mechanism, so we did. But we still needed a few things to finish off the install.

How to install a race seat | Project vintage race Mustang

We needed a real race seat for our Mustang vintage racer, and after studying Ultra Shield’s seats at the PRI Trade Show, we decided one would …

Mounting traction bars to our early Mustang with custom brackets

When we installed a 9-inch Ford rear end on our Mustang vintage racer, we added mounts for Shelby-style override traction bars. Now to mount the front of those bars to the chassis. …

Vintage Race Car Forum Topics

Don Yenkos Chevy X-11. Tribute Build
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