Volkswagen articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Volkswagen articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Classic Motorsports Car Catcher: It's a Thing

This Thing has 1970s written all over it.

Classic Motorsports Car Catcher: Where the Pavement Ends

That's where this Baja Bug wants to go.

Classic Motorsports Car Catcher: Mint Beetle

Looking for a classic Volkswagen Beetle?

Quail Motorsports Gathering-Uniqueness Personified

One seriously cool way to see all kinds of new prototypes and weird and wonderful cars

Mecum Kissimmee: Biggest Collector Car Auction Ever

January’s biggest sale doesn’t take place in Scottsdale. The most lots will cross the block in Kissimmee, Florida, as Mecum plans to auction some 3500 vehicles.

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Volkswagen articles

Shop Work: The Fabulous 50

We Poll Our Readers for Their Picks of the 50 Best Sports Cars of All Time.

Shop Work: What Are the Best Classic Cars?

Jay Leno and a Few Friends Sound Off on Their Personal Favorites

Features: A picture-perfect VW pairing

It's not the fastest tow vehicle, but this VW Transporter Pickup may well be one of the coolest in the paddock.

Buyer's Guides: Collecting Smalls: Tiny Cars Can Yield Big Thrills

Wonder if a small car can really be fun? Just ask any Mini owner.

Columns: The Times, They Are A-Changin’: Car Values from the 80s/90s Rising

Modern classics are on the rise, both in value and collectibility.

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Volkswagen project cars

1984 Rabbit GTI

Not just an A1-chassis VW Rabbit GTI–the quintessential hot hatch–but one turbocharged by Callaway.

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Volkswagen project car updates

Announcing our latest project car: 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI

It’s no secret that the used car market is a mess right now, and we’ll admit that the past few years have affected our purchasing decisions just like they’ve affected …

What’s it like buying from Carvana as the company crumbles?

Buying a car used to be easy: You’d hand over cash, then someone would give you keys and title.

But buying our newest project car–a 2017 Volkswagen …

How to tech a used car for the track

We zeroed in on our ideal Volkswagen Golf GTI–a 2017 Sport with a DSG transmission–and successfully purchased one from Carvana. Time for the race track, right?

Volkswagen Forum Topics

Help 86 Jetta GLi CIS-E Problem
98 Oldsmobile vs. 00 Passat
VW engine swap question
Any 944 experts out there?
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Volkswagen Readers' Rides

Aug 17, 2021 by Carson
Volkswagen Kriegwagen

1988 VW Fox Battlewagon.

Good for hauling parts, not much else.

This car is gone now but it's cool, so I'll keep it up.

Aug 17, 2021 by dextervw
Volkswagen Golf Sport

A rallyxer with a future on the stage. Basically stock with a few rally bolt ons for that "right" look. Current mods: hella dual rounds, light rack, thule basket and …

Aug 17, 2021 by dextervw
Volkswagen Rabbit GTI

Ex-Rally Car turned entry level motorsports machine (hillclimb, autox, rallyx etc...)

Aug 17, 2021 by Fritz_the_Cat
Volkswagen GTI

1986 VW GTI, pretty much bone stock, racing in Hornet class. All windows (except windshield) and lights removed, roll bar, Kirkey race seat, RCI five point harness and door reinforcement …

Aug 17, 2021 by LopRacer
1984 Volkswagen Rabbit

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit rescued from the clutches of disuse. The whole story is chronicled here, The car 1984 Rabbit 4 door with 1.7l block 1.8 liter ELFF Racing built …

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Volkswagen Ran When Parked

Found a Volkswagen in Prince Rupert, BC on Feb. 3, 2008

Longtime reader Vars Smith passed along photos of this unusual VW bus: “These were taken at the Cannery outside Prince Rupert. The tour guide told us that a prior mayor had used it as …

Found a Volkswagen in York, PA on July 24, 2008

I found my 1964 Karmann Ghia in a barn with 11 other Volkswagens in November of 2006. It is now becomeing a vintage speed themed car with a judson supercharger. It will be geting …

Found a Volkswagen in Newnan, GA on March 11, 2009

1965 VW Convertible… A real child of the ‘80’s… baby turbo mirrors, wheel adapters running 3-spoke chevy rims, stainless running boards, T-handle shifter, dechromed body, “Cal-look” front turn signals, chrome engine tin, gouged radio …

Found a Volkswagen in Atlanta, Ga on March 13, 2009

We went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA and this car was sitting in the parking garage across the street. As far as I can tell, the car hasn’t driven anywhere …

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