Video: 5 Rad-era collectible cars to buy now

Thanks to events like Radwood, cars from the ‘80s and ‘90s have significantly gained popularity in recent years. What does this mean for enthusiasts and collectors alike? Prices for these cars are also on the rise.

Here are the top five Rad-era cars you should add to your collection now.

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RWP New Reader
2/12/22 12:03 p.m.

Great discussion!

Two slightly oddball additions....

1st generation VW Scirocco, not a lot of power, but lightweight, great looking, and super handling.

More a 90's car, but Saab 900S.  Had a 4-door, manual, in black.  125 hp, but great handling, very comfortable, and practical, with a lot of head-turning style.

CrustyRedXpress (Forum Supporter)
CrustyRedXpress (Forum Supporter) New Reader
2/13/22 3:01 p.m.

Good vid.

Kinda surprised I don't see more preludes in the mix at radwood type events. It feels like there are a great number of nice examples out there compared to similar generations of civic/integra. 

sfisher71 New Reader
2/13/22 4:19 p.m.

So I got a '91 318is a little over two years ago (and yes, I have your series on it bookmarked). I've been puttering around with it, mostly adressing cosmetic issues -- but I love it. It answers a question I started asking when I bought my first NA Miata in 2007: what four-seat car has the same kind of light, agile feel and zingy, responsive engine? (It helps that the M42B18 had almost exactly the specs of an NA8, in a chassis only a little heavier.)

Every few months, someone will leave a note under the windshield wiper, or stop us in a parking lot, asking if we are interested in selling it. Not right now, thanks... 

stuart in mn
stuart in mn MegaDork
2/14/22 7:37 a.m.

I've been wondering about BMW e36 Tourings - are people in fact bringing them in to the US?  This is the first I've actually seen them mentioned.

Warlock New Reader
10/27/22 11:40 a.m.

In reply to CrustyRedXpress (Forum Supporter) :

Nice 3d gens seem to be emerging from the woodwork.  It used to be you couldn't find any without terminal rust -- now really low-mileage cars are turning up on BaT and the like.  5th gens are fairly common.  But good 1st, 2d, and 4th gens are tough to come by -- the first two just due to age and rust (few seem to be hidden away), the latter just because so many were hacked up with cheesy body kits or raided for their engine.  Great cars though...while my '92 could use a trip to the dent shop and a coat of paint, it still drives wonderfully.

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
10/28/22 12:23 p.m.
stuart in mn said:

I've been wondering about BMW e36 Tourings - are people in fact bringing them in to the US?  This is the first I've actually seen them mentioned.

Been seeing quite a bit of E36 Tourings offered stateside lately. We have a few at Orlando BMW meets, too. 

BobbyBusso New Reader
1/30/23 5:55 p.m.

Two things:

1). I see your GTI videos often but never hear any mention of Sciroccos when you look for alternatives. Mark I Sciroccos have nice styling and most of the GTI goodness or can be upgraded easliy and cheaply to GTI status. Mark II Sciroccos have a much nicer interior than Golfs/Rabbits and can also be upgraded with GTI or aftermarket parts but just grab a 16 valve Scirocco and you'll have 90% of the goodness of 80's VW possibility. 

2) Why no love for the Alfa Romeo Milanos?  Incredible V6 engine, rear transaxle, 50/50 weight distribution, great steering feel, easily flingable with OEM tires or nice grip with better tires.... GTV6's are out of control in pricing but the same car in a uniquely 80's boxy styling can be had for nothing!  These are incredible cars. I've had one as a daily driver for the past 20 years and still love driving it every time I get in it. Fairly reliable (don't listen to the rumors) and the greatest sounding engine short of a Ferrari/Lambo V12!  A great alternative with a different style from the E30 and with similar performance, I still get yells and approvals from young people when driving mine despite the hopelessly faded and dented body! If it were faster, I wouldn't even need a Porsche!

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
2/9/23 8:25 p.m.

In reply to BobbyBusso :

Both good choices as well. 

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