Lotus | Elan
The agile Lotus Elan | Tech Tips

We asked a couple of experts what it takes to keep these beauties on the road and running smoothly.

Sunoco | Sponsored Content | Fuel Facts
Tuning for today's oxygenated fuels | Fuel Facts

Many of the fuels found at today’s pumps are oxygenated, meaning alcohol has been added. How, then, do you tune your Classic to accept it?

Ford | Shelby
Always A Racer: 1965 Shelby GT350

This 1965 Shelby GT350 Is Well Traveled, Well Used, Well Loved, and Still a Terrific Contender

Would you rather have a Sunbeam Tiger or Shelby Mustang GT350? | Video

On paper, both the Shelby Mustang GT350 and the Sunbeam Tiger are somewhat similar in their use of Ford V8 power, rear-wheel drive and a sprinkling of love from Carroll Shelby himself. …

Siata Daina Gran Sport
The Siata Daina Gran Sport Is an Uncommon Beauty

This Siata Gran Sport offers beauty, hand-crafted Italian styling and world-class handling. And the odds of seeing another one on the road are just about nil.

Concours | Concours d'Elegance | Chattanooga Motorcar Festival
Chattanooga: a great place for a city, a perfect place for an automotive festival

The folks at the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival stepped it up for 2021, building their own race track and setting up giant video monitors.

Ferrari | Buyer's Guides | Ferrari Dino 308 GT4
Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 Buyer's Guide

The Ferrari 308 GT4 currently represents one of today’s most accessible entrées to Ferrari ownership while offering a true driver's experience.

Lotus | Elise | Sponsored Content | Car Catcher | Wire Wheel
Black-on-black Series 3 Lotus Elise | Car Catcher

A blacked-out version of the one-year-only Series 3 Lotus Elise.

Ford | Mercedes-Benz | MG | Sunbeam
9 Common Restoration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We share our top restoration mistakes and show you how to avoid them while working on your next classic car restoration.

Austin | Sponsored Content | Car Catcher | Cooper S | Mosing Motorcars
A 1275cc Cooper S with Special Tuning Works Department camshaft | Car Catcher

This '67 Cooper S is said to be one of the 636 examples exported to the United States with the 1275cc engine, and comes equipped with Special Tuning Works Department …

Fuel Economy
50 Years of Fuel Economy: Classic Cars vs. Modern Machines

Cars have gotten bigger, heavier and more powerful, but have they gotten thirstier, too?

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