How to perform a simple chassis alignment

Let’s get those wheels pointed the right way.

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Polyurethane bushings: An ideal cure for clunking?

Our Shelby GT350 had a clunking issue. Would replacing the original-style bushings with ones made from polyurethane fix the problem?

A simple recipe for a sleek, subtly lowered MGB

Dropping our rubber-bumper MGB by 1.5 inches gave it a subtly sportier stance. Here's how we did it.

A quick explanation of the BMC Hydrolastic suspension

Used on cars like the original Mini and the MG 1100, BMC's Hydrolastic suspension was a unique way to keep everything stable and level.

Sloppy suspension parts are going to cause sloppy handling

Is your classic no longer delivering the razor-sharp handling promised by the reviews penned decades ago? It might be time for a suspension refresh.

How to get fresh, modern tires that retain those period-correct look

A fresh set of tires will rejuvenate your favorite classic, and today’s market offers many choices that will deliver that vintage vibe.

10 speed secrets for the rest of us

Expert Carl Heideman shares his 10 vintage racing secrets for success on your average race weekend in performance.

Koni Special Active: Get a comfortable ride and great handling

Does Koni's Special Active dampers mean you no longer have to choose between comfort or handling?

How to Upgrade Your Alfa Romeo's Suspension in 12 Simple Steps

Looking for a killer sports car value? Check out a later Alfa Romeo Spider. The suspension will probably need some rejuvenation, but fortunately the repairs are relatively easy to make.

Ford , Shelby
Improving Handling on Our 1967 Shelby Mustang GT350

Some suspension work totally transformed our Shelby from an understeering stiff to a comfortable cruiser.

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