How to replace a door skin

It may sound difficult, but replacing a door skin can be relatively easy if you have a few basic tools and a bit of instruction.

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An easy fix to keep side-draft carbs primed?

Here is an easy and inexpensive fix to ensure your side-draft carbs still plenty of fuel in them, even if your car has been sitting.

How to upgrade a classic car to a modern alternator

We show you how to convert your classic car's dated electrical system to a modern alternator.

How to get more performance out of a BMC race engine

BMC’s A-series engine has powered many favorites, including icons like the Mini, Sprite and Midget. It can be built into a fine race engine, too.

How to extend your wrenching years

How to keep on working in your later years? We strive to make things safe and comfortable.

A quick explanation of the BMC Hydrolastic suspension

Used on cars like the original Mini and the MG 1100, BMC's Hydrolastic suspension was a unique way to keep everything stable and level.

Are your tires too old to be safe?

Even if they don’t wear out from use, our tires are aging out due to the simple fact that the components used in their manufacture doesn’t last forever.

MG , Mini
Is your favorite classic car properly insured?

Your classic represents a real investment, so have it properly insured.

Checklist: How to best remove a classic from winter storage

How to properly prepare your classic for a springtime revival.

Tips and tricks for preparing a car for its first concours

Your first concours? Here's how to brush, polish and buff your way to a show-stopping car—and a gleaming trophy.

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