The Rad Era that could have been | 1983 Ford Probe IV Concept for sale

Photography Courtesy Dragone Classic Motorcars

Nothing represents the futuristic aspirations of the Rad Era more than this 1983 Ford Probe IV Concept. Ford and Ghia paired up to create this car that focused heavily on aerodynamics.

How much did it focus on aero? Well, it possessed a speed-sensitive ride-height control system that adjusted the height of the vehicle as it gained speed. The rear would raise up six inches and the nose would drop down four.

Super smooth panels. Recessed emblems, door handles and windows. A full belly pan. All the aforementioned just further helped this car cut through the air like butter. How much so? It achieved a drag coefficient of 0.152–the same as an F-16 fighter jet, according to the seller.

Front-engined, rear-wheel-drive format used a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine as its power plant. Engineers tilted the engine 70 degrees to the side to lower the hood.

Find this 1983 Ford Probe IV Concept for sale from Dragone Classic Motorcars, with an asking price of $125,000.

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GameboyRMH MegaDork
9/21/22 12:25 p.m.

You could drive that straight onto the set of a Bubblegum Crisis live-action movie and nobody would bat an eye.

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The Rad Era that could have been | 1983 Ford Probe IV Concept for sale details



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