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Peter Brock, Shelby American celebrated at second American Speed Festival

The second American Speed Festival celebrated Peter Brock, Shelby American and more at M1 Concourse.

Ever Wonder How the Shelby GT350 Got Its Stripes?

How did the GT350 get its stripes? According to Peter Brock, it's not as complicated as you might think.

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Columns: Peter Brock explains how the Shelby GT350 got its stripes

How did the GT350 get its stripes? Well, it all starts with a phone call between Carroll Shelby and John Bishop, president of the SCCA at the time.

Columns: Peter Brock: How my first car opened a whole new world to me

Peter Brock shares the story of his first car–a 1949 MG TC–and how first impressions can leave the longest-lasting effects.

Columns: Is silence the best road trip companion?

How to make your next long-distance drive more enjoyable? Try keeping the radio off, says Peter Brock.

Columns: Can classic cars also be seen as high art?

All cars are designed to fulfill a stated goal, but that doesn't mean they can't be aesthetically pleasing.

Columns: From clay models to 3D scans | An appreciation of change

The automotive industry may have moved away from full-size clay models, but that hasn't stopped Peter Brock from embracing modern technology to make his designs.

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