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PVGP Historics kicks off the 2022 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

The 2022 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix started this past weekend with the PVGP Historics at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex on July 15.

Vintage racing prepped Triumph TR4 with spares | Car Catcher

Equipped with pretty much everything you need to go vintage racing–including spares.

Tin-Tops to be Celebrated at Put-in-Bay

Sedans reign supreme in 2019

Join Us at Amelia Island

We'll be there all weekend. Come hang out and check out the Tornado Typhoon.

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Restoration & Renovation: The realities of restoring a race car

Old race cars might live in grainy black and white, but bringing them into today’s world can require some hardnosed detective work–and some tough decisions.

Columns: When a collection of old photos becomes an archive of racing history

This is the story of how a book of old photos became an archive of racing history.

Features: How this Alfa Romeo Giulia found a home on U.S. circuits

Allan Thom’s Alfa sedan has been around the block a few times–and has the scars to prove it. After stints in Monaco, England and Japan, it now lives stateside.

Features: How vintage racing has evolved–and where it's heading

What’s new in vintage racing? Nearly everything: the cars, the people, the venues and the attitudes.

Features: This unique MGB racer overcame the odds to become a true survivor

This Huffaker-built MGB race car is a remarkable example of what can happen when the odds aren’t given a chance to take hold.

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Why our Mustang now has an aluminum driveshaft

After installing our engine and putting the car on the ground, we found some bad news: Our driveshaft was about two inches too short.

How could a Mustang driveshaft …

Installing a lightweight windshield | Project vintage race Mustang

To save weight, we decided to replace our 14-pound glass windshield with a 7-pound polycarbonate piece from Shields Windshields.

Now to install it.

How to protect your radiator–inexpensively | Project vintage race Mustang

Before fitting the grille–it came uninstalled when we got our Mustang–we fit some heavy-duty mesh screen behind it in order to protect the radiator from debris.

We simply …

How to wire a race car | Project vintage race Mustang

Now to tie together our Mustang’s electrical system and wire up the car.

We started with a Bare Bonz Race wiring kit from Ron Francis …

Vintage Race Cars Forum Topics

Zink Formula Vee
Another Zink Formula Vee
1958 Berkeley Special
1929 Ford Model A Race Car
2021 Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix (PA)
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Vintage Race Cars Readers' Rides

Feb 09, 2018 by Automobilist
1969 Vintage Race Cars Beach Mk5-C

MY wife's, yes WIFE'S race car. If you don't have a wife who road races, and appreciates vintage and modern sports cars, you chose wrong! Sorry...

Dec 11, 2017 by racrdave52
1958 Vintage Race Cars VAY Special

1958 Canadian Class Sports Racer. National Champ in 1958-1959

Apr 07, 2015 by Automobilist
1969 Vintage Race Cars Beach Mk5-C

Vintage Formula V

Jan 11, 2015 by dennisg
1924 Vintage Race Cars chevrolet speedster

I had so many parts left over from building my 1934 vintage race car that I decided to use the parts to build another car and perhaps my wife would …

Dec 28, 2014 by CaptianDawg27
1992 Vintage Race Cars Car deleted

Car deleted

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Vintage Race Cars Ran When Parked

Found a Vintage Race Cars in Clinton, WA on March 18, 2010

Thompson Special race car. One of 4 built and raced in Seattle in 1950’s. Found next to Ray’s Auto Yard, now in storage on Whidbey Island, State of Washington. Might be for sale to …

Found a Vintage Race Cars in Oshkosh, WI on Oct. 15, 2009

ran at over 450mph, then parked it. LOL,,LOL Mustang

Found a Vintage Race Cars in Knoxville, TN on Oct. 6, 2008

More Micro “ran when parked” Not sure what this is.

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