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JoeTR6 Dork
5/16/22 7:30 p.m.

Today's task was to improve the alignment. Here's what I have now.


LF -2.3

RF -2.4

LR -3.0

RR -2.3

Front toe: 1/16" in

Rear toe: 1/8" out (should be 1/16" in)

The LR camber needs correcting.  I have three notch brackets on the inner mounts which put the pivot low.  A two notch bracket would raise the pivot and decrease camber.  I can either order fixed brackets or Richard Good's adjustable ones, but this is one rare case where I think the stock parts are more robust.  After correcting the camber, adding or removing a single shim should fix the rear toe.

I can also measure caster using the camber gauge, but didn't get that set up today.

JoeTR6 Dork
5/20/22 2:49 p.m.

I finally got around to measuring the caster.  It's good at 3.2* on the left and 3.0* on the right side.  The 2 notch trailing arm brackets are in the mail along with a spare alloy wheel.  If the trailing arm brackets can't be made to work, I may just send Richard Good some more money for his adjustable ones.

BTW, I just applied for my previous job yesterday.  Since COVID, they have learned how to do software development remotely, so I will soon have much less time to work on cars.  Good thing this project is nearing the mostly sorted phase.

AxeHealey Dork
5/21/22 10:10 a.m.

Good luck on the job front!

JoeTR6 Dork
5/24/22 10:13 a.m.
AxeHealey said:

Good luck on the job front!

Thanks.  I should be starting June 6.

The trailing arm brackets showed up from TRF and look really good (already powdercoated).  I put the rear end up to improve the LR camber.  Doing so added something else to the punch list: Fix the differential oil leak.  Oil is accumulating on the muffler and trunk floor.

It appears that oil is weeping out of the rear cover flange and not the shaft seals or vent.  So while it's up in the air, I'll drop the diff and reseal with The Right Stuff instead of a paper gasket and aviation #3.

In other news, I also got the spare wheel.  It looks nice, and I'm almost tempted to order 3 more.  Maybe if the car was a lighter color.

JoeTR6 Dork
5/24/22 7:08 p.m.

I finished the alignment today.  Swapping the 3 notch bracket for a 2 notch bracket moved the inner trailing arm pivot up about 1/4".  That and lifting up on both trailing arms near the pivots while tightening the bracket bolts decreased the camber on both sides.  The LR is now -1.5* and RR is -1.7*.  While the left trailing arm was loose, a shim was removed to make the total toe 1/16" in.  This is very close to the autocross TR6 I used to drive in Virginia, so I'll leave it there for a while.

Slow_M Reader
5/25/22 2:10 a.m.

Congrats on your new old job. 

JoeTR6 Dork
5/26/22 5:53 p.m.

I mounted a Vredestein Quatrac in 195/60R-16 on the spare rim.  It barely fits under the gas tank and scrapes quite a lot on the fibreboard trunk liner, but it's in.  The cover over the tire is jacked up about an inch, but I can live with that.

I really just need a jack (on order) and a lug wrench to be ready to travel, but I also like to carry a tire inflator, a plug kit, and some other spares parts.  I'll put that together tomorrow and call this one done.

JoeTR6 Dork
5/28/22 8:42 p.m.

Yesterday I put a 12 volt power outlet with USB charge ports under the glove box, using up the last fuse position.  With that, the nuts and bolts on this project is done.  To celebrate, we took it out for a 70 mile loop that included a curvy, hilly road against the Front Range and returned on a two lane, 65 MPH highway along a high plain where you can see mountains all the way up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  This road points towards Pikes Peak much of the way.

I may post some more about the fine tuning, especially if I get some dyno data.  But for this summer, I'm just going to drive it and take a break from restoring anything.  If my memory is correct, I started working on this project exactly eight years ago today by dusting off some old boxes from the pile of parts that I had bought years earlier.  The car itself was sitting in the same shop when I finished restoring my earlier TR6 in June of 1995.

What's next?  Probably getting my Dad's 1968 Triumph T100C motorcycle into better mechanical condition so it can live again and I can do some riding before it's too late.  Maybe if a clean early '70s Capri becomes available, I'll put it into storage as a retirement project.  But for now, it's back to the grind of working and enjoying what I have.  Later.

TVR Scott
TVR Scott SuperDork
5/28/22 9:17 p.m.

Looks great, Joe!

oppositelocksmith Reader
5/28/22 11:22 p.m.

I've read through this build twice Joe. Great read both times. Brought back so many memories. And learned a few things too.

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