anthonythecrowfam New Reader
4/23/24 9:41 a.m.

A local Car Restoration Shop (Defenders Northwest LLC. - Gig Harbor, WA): According to the promise they made, the repair work was supposed to be completed within a week. However, it seems like the process is taking longer than expected due to the unavailability of certain parts required for the repair. It is quite frustrating as it would have been better if they had communicated the delay upfront, so that we could have made alternative arrangements accordingly.

Autovelox New Reader
5/20/24 4:03 p.m.

I suspect they had no idea that the parts weren't available as they didn't place the order until your car was brought in.

Deliveries on parts of all kinds have been a problem across industries around the globe since covid.  I took a car to the dealer for a bad AC evaporator, and waited over three months for a replacement evaporator.  For my job in industrial construction, delivery times for some types of high voltage equipment are over two years right now.

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