Can you make a Porsche 964 better and still keep its soul?

Photography courtesy Theon Design

How do you update a Porsche 964, yet still retain its soul? That’s the fine line that Theon Design had to walk when creating the ITA001.

At Theon Design, we’re all obsessive about Porsche,” said Theon Design cofounder Adam Hawley in a press release. “We enhance these wonderful machines in a considered way, ensuring our work is in keeping with the brand’s ethos. We use the word ‘enhance’ deliberately, going to great lengths to make sure that the unique air-cooled Porsche feel is preserved; just distilled to make the driving experience all that more intoxicating. Our mission is to elevate the air-cooled 911 to all-new levels of performance and dynamic ability–while ensuring the car retains that endlessly beguiling Porsche DNA.”

So, how did Theon Design do that?

They started by replacing the body on a Carrera 4 coupe with an all-carbon one. The carbon fiber doesn’t only shed weight, but also adds stiffness, too. With all fluids accounted for, the ITA001 weighs 1152kg (2540 pounds).

The body is finished in the 1970s Porsche hue of Schwartz Blue, with grey “Ghost” stripes. It rides on 18-inch Fuchs wheels, with champagne-colored petals and outer rims.

The air-cooled, naturally aspirated, 4.0-liter flat-six produces 400 horsepower and 315 lb.-ft. of torque. Theon Design added a drive-by-wire throttle to improve response. The engine also has independent throttle bodies.

Other improvements to the drivetrain include a high-performance plenum based on the 997 GT3, a dual-mass flywheel and ceramic-coated exhaust. The six-speed gearbox, brakes, and limited-slip differential come from a 993 RS.

The IT001 carries a switchable, five-stage TracTive Active Controlled Electronics (ACE) damping system and a hydraulic nose-lift system.

Modern creature comforts include a Focal six-speaker Bluetooth-enabled stereo.

Pricing for Theon Design commissions starts at £380,000 (approximately $464,588 USD), excluding the cost of the donor car, shipping and taxes. The projects are catered toward the customer and take 18 months to build.

So, does this still retain the feel of a Porsche 964?

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Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
3/23/23 10:40 a.m.

I'll never say no to more companies giving the "Singer treatment" to classic cars.

Can I afford them? Not at all, but it's neat to see old cars getting reimaged and–in some cases–improved for modern use.

Automobilist New Reader
3/23/23 3:41 p.m.

If they replace the body, engine,trans, suspension, brakes, wheels and more; how is it still a 964?

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