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What cars offer the most fun? (Hint: microcars.)

Microcars may be small in size, but they are certainly big on fun.

Concorso Italiano: An Italian car lover's dream

If you enjoy cars commonly found in rosso corsa, then this is the show to see.

Car Catcher: A Well-Equipped, Five-Speed Fiat 1500 Spider

A five-speed example equipped with an Abarth exhaust system, Carello fog lamps and Campagnolo wheels.

Car Catcher: A Rust-Free Fiat 124 Coupe

The Spider isn't the only Fiat to carry the 124 nameplate. Case in point? This early 124 Coupe.

Car Catcher: A One-of-800, Ghia-Bodied Fiat 1500

This 1963 Ghia 1500 GT Coupe, available through RM Sotheby's, is said to be one of only 800 built and one of only 36 brought into the United States.

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Buyer's Guides: How to keep a Fiat 500 running like new

Want to learn how to keep a classic Fiat 500 running like new?

Buyer's Guides: Fiat 124 Sport Spider: Expert tips on buying, maintenance and more

Shopping for a Fiat 124 Sport Spider? Read this advice before you buy one.

Buyer's Guides: Why a small car could be the perfect classic for you

Wonder if a small car can really be fun? Just ask any Mini owner.

News and Notes: Expert tips on how to keep a Fiat 124 Spider on the road

Looking for some pointers on your Fiat Spider? Look no further. We picked the minds of two Fiat experts.

Features: Carlo Abarth Helped Turn the Humble Fiat 850 Into One of the Coolest Icons on the Planet

The Fiat Abarth 1000 came in many forms, but the “OTR” badge declares this one among the meanest offered: the OT 1000 Radiale.

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Fiat project cars

1968 124 Spider

One of the nicest examples of a first-year Spider we've seen, but it still needs some attention before we'll be satisfied.

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1982 Fiat X1/9 $2500 Mine
Fiat 126p
NMNA 1997 Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo
'86 X1/9 for $1000 in NH (NMNA)
Hypothetical: Importing a vehicle less 25 years old
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Fiat Readers' Rides

Apr 09, 2024 by SY
1968 None 124 Spider

Once was Andy's car and featured in CMS in 2010/2011.

Jan 13, 2024 by EdL2
1974 None X1-9

1974 X1-9 that I bought as 2nd owner in 1976. Driven frequently the first 10 years, infrequently the next 10, and very little the last 28.

Nov 16, 2023 by autox19
1978 None 124 spider

Just a standard fiat spider. 32/36 weber, stainless header and exhaust.

Nov 16, 2023 by autox19
1979 None X19

Fiat X19 with a honda B16 engine/transmission

Nov 13, 2022 by mysticdriver
1974 None 124 TC Sedan

Originally 1592 twin cam with A/T. Swapped to 2 liter twin cam with 5 speed. Daily driver and track car from 1999-2003 Now my Retirement project..... Stored for 5 years …

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Fiat Ran When Parked

Found a Fiat in Bangkok, TH on April 6, 2018

Far from fancy Fiat found in the Far East (Chinatown area of Bangkok, Thailand). (Is the alliterative challenge still on?)

Found a Fiat in Bethany, Co on Feb. 17, 2015

An original Fiat 500 tucked behind a wall in Amorosi, Benevento Italy. Submitted by: Joe Amoroso

Found a Fiat in Jackson, MS on Oct. 26, 2014

Probably didn’t run when parked, and won’t drive again, but usually don’t find these in a “pull a part” yard.

Found a Fiat in Elkhorn, Wi on May 20, 2011

Not much left of this FIAT… 1500?

Found a Fiat in Elkhorn, Wi on May 12, 2011

Early FIAT 850 Spider in SE Wisconsin salvage yard.

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