RedlineNikolas None
5/13/10 2:52 p.m.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to start a thread here on the boards regarding our upcoming event at Sebring International Raceway, August 14th-15th.. We are all VERY excited about hosting a Redline Time Attack at such a historic facility. This event is going to be amazing! Many of the top Time Attack cars from across the country are going to be in attendance: COBB Tuning R35 GT-R, World Racing Scion tC (dual-winged beast), Sierra Sierra Enterprises EVO (lap record holder at Buttonwillow) and many more!

We're also very excited about our relationship with GRM. Look for some ads in the magazine over the next few issues, and some coverage from our Las Vegas event in the October issue coming out this August.

We're hoping to see a bunch of GRM readers down at Sebring this August to take part in our event. This is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiasts and racers all across the South East to take part in a very unique event. National, if not global, media recognition awaits those who place on the podium. But even if you simply want to come out to the track and participate in the HPDE on Saturday, our registration rates are below what most groups charge to run the full 12-hour course for a full day.


$250 for Saturday ($200 with online registration) $250 for Sunday ($200 with online registration) $500 for Weekend ($450 with online registration)

+$100 off weekend registration if this is your first RTA event of 2010

So all in, you'll only pay as low as $350 for two days at Sebring! That is an insanely low price!

Post any questions or comments regarding Redline Time Attack, or the Sebring event in particular. I'll gladly answer them as quickly as I can.

CLNSC3 Reader
5/17/10 4:46 a.m.

I was just looking at the COBB GTR earlier this evening, that thing is a beast! I wish Redline held events in the NW...

RedlineNikolas New Reader
5/20/10 5:43 p.m.

In reply to CLNSC3:

We certainly are looking for facilities in the NW we could host events at. Our goal is to host an increasing number of events, at world renowned and world-class facilities: Sebring, Road Atlanta, VIR, Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca, etc. I'm not sure there is a facility that can be classified as "World Class" in the NW... The closest is probably PIR.. but that place is certainly not up to the standards of the five I just mentioned above.

If you have a suggestion for a facility in the NW, please post it here! :-)

RedlineNikolas New Reader
5/25/10 1:49 p.m.

Look for this ad in the August issue of GRM!

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