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The Quail features 100 years of MG, 50 of Porsche 911 Turbo

This year's featured cars at The Quail include MG, Porsche 911 Turbo and more.

Singer 911 too mainstream? How about something from Theon Design?

Theon Design has unveiled its latest bespoke Porsche 911, GBR002.

Can you make a Porsche 964 better and still keep its soul?

The Porsche 964 continues to provide a fantastic platform for automotive designers, such as Theon Design, to reimagine the classic.

Is this cooler than a Singer? The ITA001 of Theon Design

Which would you prefer? A Singer Porsche 964 or a Theon Design one?

New from Porsche Classic: magnesium crankcases for early 911 models

An all-new engine for your classic 911 from Porsche Classic? Its latest parts offering brings that dream even closer to reality.

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Porsche 911 articles

Columns: Collecting cars is like creating your own personal amusement park

You wouldn't go to an amusement park just to ride a single ride, so why settle for a single car?

Columns: The simplicity of keeping it simple

Can a parking lot car meet be just as much fun as a world-renowned concours d'Elegance?

Buyer's Guides: Porsche 996 Turbo: Today's best 911 Turbo value?

The 996-chassis Porsche 911 Turbo might represent today’s easiest entry into a turbo-powered, all-wheel-drive 911.

Features: Is the East African Safari Rally really the world's toughest?

Tackle Africa’s roughest roads in a vintage Porsche 911? You can do that.

Buyer's Guides: Could your latest classic actually come from the computer age?

Can a later car deliver the classic Porsche 911 ownership experience? Our trip down this path has taught us a few things.

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Porsche 911 project car updates

Amelia Island Kickoff: Come see our Porsche 911 Carrera project car

The Amelia will be here before you know it–March 2-3–and look for our 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera at two public showings.

On Friday, March 1, we’ll …

How to be the life of the party? Bring a Porsche (BMX bike optional)

Hangar party.

Those two words often conjure up images of the beautiful set: exotic cars, fine fare and people in the know. It’s a place where status rules.

And, …

Selecting and installing the right brake pads for our 997 Porsche

At our first track day in our Porsche 997, we began to run out of brakes. Despite Porsche’s reputation for superior stopping performance, the FIRM can be a …

Our five-speed Porsche decided to become a four-speed

This was going to be expensive, right?

First gear, second gear, third gear, fourth gear, third gear.

Um, how about fifth gear?

Nope, back to third.

Let’s try that …

When you have good friends, you can do fun car stuff anywhere

Planning the ultimate experience with some fellow car buddies? Whatcha doing? F1 race at some far-away track? RV setup at Le Mans? Weeklong drive through the Alps?

With good friends, …

Porsche 911 Forum Topics

My automotive ADD build thread
Sanity check, auto ADD, and daily drivers
My 1985 Prussian Blue 911 Coupe - aka. the keeper
If one Porsche 911 is good, two must be better, right? Hopefully just an ownership log
Long term fun DD build
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Porsche 911 Readers' Rides

Feb 14, 2024 by vtbikerider
2004 None Turbo Coupe

Artic Silver , dedicated track car

Apr 25, 2023 by P_911_Nut
2011 None Carrera GTS


Nov 29, 2022 by proitchamp
2004 None 996

My daily driver

Apr 06, 2022 by ClydePeery
1979 None SC


Apr 06, 2022 by Automobilist
2013 None Carrera

My daily driver... PDK Transmission Lowered just a tad.

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